Here are our selected peer-reviewed publications, categorized into journal articles, conference proceedings, and book chapters.

Journal Articles

2018 I. E. R. Waudby-Smith, N. Tran, J. A. Dubin, and J. Lee. Sentiment in nursing notes as an indicator of out-of-hospital mortality in intensive care patients. PLoS ONE, 13(6): e0198687, June 2018. B. Y. Kim, A. Sharafoddini, N. Tran, E. Y. Wen, and J. Lee. Consumer mobile apps for potential drug-drug interaction check: systematic […]

Conference Proceedings

2018 M. A. H. Zahid and J. Lee. Mortality prediction with self normalizing neural networks in intensive care unit patients. In: Proceedings of the IEEE-EMBS International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics, 226-229, 2018. N. Tran and J. Lee. Using multiple sentiment dimensions of nursing notes to predict mortality in the intensive care unit. In: Proceedings of the IEEE-EMBS International Conference […]

Book Chapters

J. Lee, J. A. Dubin, and D. M. Maslove. Mortality prediction in the ICU. In: Secondary Analysis of Electronic Health Records, MIT Critical Data (editor). Springer Open. ISBN 978-3-319-43742-2. 2016. J. A. Dubin, and P. A. Hall. Survival analysis in social neuroscience and public health: A research exemplar from the field of cognitive epidemiology. In: Social Neuroscience […]