Here are our selected peer-reviewed publications, categorized into journal articles, conference proceedings, and book chapters.

Journal Articles

2017 C. Chen, J. Lee, A. E. Johnson, R. G. Mark, L. A. Celi, and J. Danziger. Right ventricular function, peripheral edema, and acute kidney injury in critical illness. Kidney International Reports, in press. L. Fuchs, M. Feng, V. Novack, J. Lee, J. Taylor, D. Scott, M. Howell, L. Celi, and D. Talmor. The effect of […]

Conference Proceedings

2016 J. Lee. Personalized mortality prediction for the critically ill using a patient similarity metric and bagging. In: Proceedings of the IEEE-EMBS International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics, 332-335, 2016. 2013 Z. Zhang, J. Lee, D. J. Scott, L. Lehman, and R. G. Mark. A research infrastructure for real-time evaluation of predictive algorithms for intensive care units. […]

Book Chapters

J. Lee, J. A. Dubin, and D. M. Maslove. Mortality prediction in the ICU. In: Secondary Analysis of Electronic Health Records, MIT Critical Data (editor). Springer Open. ISBN 978-3-319-43742-2. 2016. J. A. Dubin, and P. A. Hall. Survival analysis in social neuroscience and public health: A research exemplar from the field of cognitive epidemiology. In: Social Neuroscience […]