Olivier Nguyen

Olivier is a M.Asc student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at University of Waterloo working on data-driven decision making in healthcare. Previously, he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering at Concordia University in Montreal.
Olivier’s research focus is on developing methods for home health monitoring and data-driven decision making systems using the abundance of data coming from various devices today. His research interest mainly include: machine learning, deep learning, data mining, e-health, data visualization and computer vision.
Prior to joining the Health Data Science Lab, he worked as a research intern at NTT in Japan on media event detection from online videos. He also worked on digital signal processing and embedded systems as a research assistant during his undergrad. Finally, he completed co-op internships as a software developer and participated in many extra-curricular activities in robotic competitions and electronics projects.
On his free time, Olivier loves to play basketball, go hiking, watch movies and listen to music.