Zahid Mohammed, PhD

Dr. Zahid is a postdoctoral fellow in Health Data Science Lab. He received B.Tech in computer science from JNTU, M.Tech in Computer Science from VTU and PhD from Computer Science Department, IIT Roorkee in Machine Learning and Bioinformatics. He was awarded “IBM Outstanding PhD student award 2006” for his research work during PhD.

Before moving to Samsung Electronics Dr. Zahid worked briefly at Indian Statistical Institute as Assistant Professor. He worked for Samsung Electronics at their headquarters for over 9 years and served various divisions.  He acquired knowledge and experience of converting cutting edge technologies into products and advance scalable solutions. Before taking a break from industry he was working with Samsung’s Health and Medical Equipment business.

In Samsung his primary focus was on emerging platform and product development. He extensively worked on parallel computing (CUDA and OpenCL) projects, Machine Learning algorithm development, optimization and implementation at commercial level. He also focused on cost reduction of final product by reducing and optimizing computational needs of the product.

His current research focus is to use state of art Machine Learning Algorithms to analyze medical data, develop decision support and data driven health informatics systems.

E-mail: zahid [dot] mohammed [at]